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Welcome To Alberta Camp Meeting 2022

The 2022 edition of Alberta Camp Meeting is taking place from July 15 to 23. The theme this year is Forging Ahead. An in-person camp meeting experience is taking place at Foothills Camp. In addition, many of the adult meetings in the auditorium are live-streamed online. So whether you are joining us in-person or online, welcome!

The Community Bridge Campaign

Events For All Ages

Children's Programs

Children & Youth (0 – 17)

The Tea House

Young Adults (18 – 35)

Adult Meetings



Junior Division
Registration Required

Junior Meeting – Sabbath 2 Evening

Primary A Division
Registration Required

Primary A Meeting – Sabbath 2 Evening

Adult Meetings
In-Person + Live Stream

Shawn Boonstra | Adult Meeting – Sabbath 2 Evening

The Tea House
In-Person Only

“Into the Unknown” | Young Adults – Sabbath 2 Evening

Registration Required

Kindergarten Meeting – Sabbath 2 Evening

Primary B Division
Registration Required

Primary B Meeting – Sabbath 2 Evening

Registration Required

“Being” | Teen/Youth Meeting – Sabbath 2 Evening

Prayer Meeting
Following Adult Evening Meeting

Nightly Prayer Time – Sabbath 2

Previous Camp Meetings

Did you miss watching an event from the 2020 or 2021 virtual camp meetings? Or do you want to re-watch an event that was especially meaningful to you? Select a camp meeting year below and check out the archives!

Reflecting the Shepherd

Alberta Conference Virtual Camp Meeting 2020

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Stronger Together

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