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Calgary Central – Ghena Girleanu – Reflecting the Shepherd: A Comforting Rod

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Saturday July 18, 2020

7:00 PM


Alberta Conference Virtual Camp Meeting 2020: Reflecting the Shepherd

Hosts: Massiel Davila-Ferrer, Jeff Potts, Wayne Williams

Speaker: Ghena Girleanu

Featuring: Terry Lachance, Adam Bially, Felix Richter, Grace Trconic, Iryna Sakson, Kateryna Sakson, Donna Swierszcz, Philip Swierszcz, Noel Puedivan, Scott Arbeau, Ken Elkow, Felix Dushime

Thank you for joining us on our journey across the Alberta Conference, from Lethbridge to Yellowknife, as we seek to learn more about God’s will in our lives.

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0:00 - Countdown
4:59 - Welcome
6:21 - Prayer
10:28 - Song Service
24:38 - Offering (Compassionate Ministries)
28:02 - Scripture
28:46 - Sermon
51:25 - Special Music
54:58 - Closing