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July 18 Sabbath School and Church Service

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Saturday July 18, 2020

10:00 AM


Sabbath School

Lynn McDowell Director of Planned Giving/Philanthropy and Pastor Lyle Notice, Youth Director will be presenting a special feature and interview with some of our students and staff of Mamawi Atosketan Native School.  You won’t want to miss the exciting happenings and the passion for learning these youth students have.

Sabbath School with Maskwacis/MANS | Lynn McDowell and Lyle Notice

Alberta Conference Virtual Camp Meeting 2020: Reflecting the Shepherd

Lesson by Olaf Claussen

Featuring: Cheri Notice, Total Praise, Jade Rabbit, Shaneek Roasting, Gail Wilton, Kelly Stickle

Worship Service

The College Heights Church welcomes you for Sabbath July 18 as we receive a powerful message from God’s word from our Conference President, Elder Gary Hodder, on the topic, “Forgiven Like Peter.”

Church Service with College Heights | Gary Hodder | Forgiven Like Peter

Alberta Conference Virtual Camp Meeting 2020: Reflecting the Shepherd

Hosts: Massiel Davila-Ferrer, Jeff Potts, Wayne Williams

Speaker: Gary Hodder

Featuring: Steven Gabrys, Tricia Gabrys, Russell Gabrys, Jordan Gabrys, Pattie Reasor, Melody Ilacas, Julie Grovet, Judith Walters, Joseph Hackett, Nicole Bartolay

Thank you for joining us on our journey across the Alberta Conference, from Lethbridge to Yellowknife, as we seek to learn more about God’s will in our lives.

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0:00 - Countdown
4:59 - Welcome to Sabbath School
7:18 - Offering (Sabbath School Missions)
7:47 - Lynn McDowell
8:51 - Lyle Notice
10:38 - Interview: Cheri Notice
25:12 - Total Praise
29:18 - Interview: Jade Rabbit and Shaneek Roasting
42:21 - Interview: Gail Wilton and Kelly Stickle
53:20 - Closing
53:48 - Sabbath School Lesson
1:03:54 - Welcome to Church
1:04:58 - Song Service
1:18:31 - Offering (Mission School Mamawi Atosketan)
1:20:05 - Prayer
1:23:16 - Children's Story
1:24:41 - Sermon
2:02:09 - Special Music
2:06:13 - Closing