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Lethbridge – James Wesley – Reflecting the Shepherd: In the World Not of the World Always for the World

Event Details

Sunday July 19, 2020

7:00 PM


Alberta Conference Virtual Camp Meeting 2020: Reflecting the Shepherd

Hosts: Massiel Davila-Ferrer, Jeff Potts, Wayne Williams

Speaker: James Wesley

Featuring: Walt Kalkan, Chiara Stellacci, Kyle Bergen, Franz Chavez

Thank you for joining us on our journey across the Alberta Conference, from Lethbridge to Yellowknife, as we seek to learn more about God’s will in our lives.

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0:00 - Countdown
4:59 - Welcome
7:43 - Prayer
9:02 - Song Service
17:55 - Offering (Education)
19:50 - Scripture
20:17 - Sermon
52:24 - Special Music
55:54 - Closing