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Alberta Camp Meeting Sermon Podcast Archive

Adult – Pastor Moises Ruiz – “Reflecting the Shepherd: Welcome to the Inner Circle”

Youth – Pastor Ted Deer – “Be Still: Ask God”

Adult – Pastor David Guzman – “Reflecting the Shepherd: Is it True?”

Youth – Pastor Bryan Saint-Louis – “Does God Care to Listen”

Adult – Pastor James Wesley – “Reflecting the Shepherd: In the World, Not of the World, Always for the World”

Youth – Pastor Roberson Dorelus – “Still”

Adult – Pastor Ghena Girleanu – “Reflecting the Shepherd: A Comforting Rod”

Youth – Pastor Derek Richter – “Be Still My Aching Heart”

Adult – Elder Gary Hodder – “Forgiven Like Peter”

Youth – Pastor Lawel Natufe – “I Am Present”